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ElectroAir are the Official distributors of Airstream Rotary screw Compressors in the Western Cape. 

The Organisation is involved in the Supply & Design of Air Compressorstations, all Associated ancillaries, Blowers, Vacuum pumps and the mandatory Servicing of all equipment supplied in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

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ElectroAir was established in 2000 as a major player in the modern compressor market. The organisation offers professional aftermarket services on all leading Rotary Screw and Rotary Vane Compressors as well as low pressure Blowers, Vacuum pumps and associated Compressed air equipment.

We distribute the full range of AIRSTREAM compressor products and also unique Pneumatic devices for energy conservation and air treatment solutions from Pneumatech USA as well as State of the Art AIRCOM Titanium treated aluminium quick installation piping systems from Italy.


AIRSTREAM offers a full complement of Screw compressors in the OIL FREE or OIL INJECTED range from 7,5KW to 280KW as well as Reciprocating Air compressors from 2,2KW to 15KW, including the latest state of the Art Variable Speed drive technology on Rotary screws from 22KW for guaranteed ENERGY savings. Airstream VSD compressors incorporate Permanent Magnet drive motors with integrated “lubricant cooling” harnessed from the air compressors lubricant cooling system renders maintenance free drive motors for total reliability and tangible energy saving. Airstream PM drive Compressors are unique Compressed air technology only available from Airstream Compressors South Africa.


AIRCOM quick fit Aluminium/Titanium treated Compressed air piping (16 bar rated) offers compressed air users a simple solution to Compressed air reticulation system installation. The Product is easy to install (from 16 mm up to 150mm diameter) and requires no threading, welding or pressure testing due to the unique quick connection design and by incorporating superior materials and components AIRCOM piping systems are the best solution for Compressed air Utility, Ringmains, Manifolds at the compressed air Supply Station and at point of use component.


PNEUMATECH supplies unique Compressed Air products, Electroair utilizes their Intermediary control valves for the management of Supply and Demand Air management, air pressure bands can be controlled at 6,8 pascals (1 PSI) which offers substantial saving of Compressed air wastage, a common problem in all Compressed Utilities where air leakages may constitute up to 25% air losses if the systems free flows between Supply and Demand. The Pneumatech Intermediary Control valve can reduce these losses dramatically and save users up to 50% of energy wasted in Utilities that are not optimized

Supply & Design of Air Compressor stations

The administration and management staff embraces all of the organization for the purpose of day to day administration.

The staff compliment embraces the entire organisation under one unified management system

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